Sta. Ana Farm Resort is one of the  most beautiful and popular resort here in Capiz.  It is located at Brgy. Ilaya-Ivisan Capiz.
This resort is owned and  managed by Mrs.  Socorro G. Sta. Ana. It was established in the year 2000 by Sta. Ana family. It is a beautiful place for holidays and even vacations for those who want to visit the resort,  to relax and to have fun. It has a relaxing garden, the beautiful  swimming pool for adults and kids.         

                  Sta.Ana Farm Resort has three (3) pools, namely kiddie pool, medium and
the biggest one for adults. It has also  cottages for rent. You can call they pool maintenance or their staff to hep you like any other resort with pools the first priority of their resort is you safety while you enjoy swimming.
               The  resort is one of favorite spot for the people from nearby towns and provinces. The resort is also for the foreigners who wants to come and visit the place so that they can enjoy party, swimming with their friends and family while appreciating the place, the beauty and fell the fresh air of nature.
 Today, many people visits the said resort and it starting to be known in different place in Capiz.

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